Frank Gonzales was born in Mesa, Arizona and grew up in Tempe. He received his BFA from Laguna College of Art and Design in 2003. His work explores ornithological subjects, organic and plant elements and color. In his own words: As we try to understand the phenomena of nature by neatly labeling, dividing and categorizing, I approach my understanding by weaving elements of science and imagination. Exploring possibilities through the language of paint, I am able to blur the lines between reality and ideas. I like the spontaneity of starting with a background color or single image as a jump off point for the rest of the painting. One image will spark another and the process takes shape from there. I find this way of working to be both exciting and uncertain. My various marks and color glitches mimic this uncertainty resulting in a visual stillness and movement.

His work is included in both private and public collections around the world including the Ampersand Boutique Hotel in London, The Orange County Children’s Hospital, and Starbucks, Bank of America and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. His work has been featured in numerous publications and Online Text including American Art Collector Magazine, Juxtapoz, Booooom and Colossal. Franks work was also featured on the cover of American Art Collector Magazine in 2010. He recently designed a terrazzo floor for the 24th Street Sky Tram station at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport scheduled to open to the public Summer 2022.