Been busy with producing new work. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements!! Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have: FRANKIGONZ@YAHOO.COM
Group show Next Month in Portland!
Hey folks,
I have a brand new piece in a group show next month at Hellion Gallery curated by Antler Gallery. Here's the info:

Calling all my Northwest peoples, come out!
The New Year
Hey there folks! I hope you all had a great holiday. I'm sure looking forward to a great new year. I will have some new work at the LA Art Show this month with Lotton Gallery. If you're in the area come check it out!

Also, as of Jan 1st, 2014 I'm officially an independent artist! My contract with my agent expired and I'm now free to work direct with all my current and future galleries. I've been waiting to work on my own for some time now. I did learn a lot about the business side of things while under contract and am truly grateful for the experience.

I just sent out five new works to Silver Queen Fine Art in Park City, UT for the Sundance Film Festival. I show there year around, so if you're ever visiting stop in and say Hi. They're a great crew.

I have some great shows lined up for the coming year and am open to new gallery inquiries. Stay tuned!
First Entry!
Hey there folks. Thanks for stopping by! I just changed this section for news and upcoming events. I just came back from my solo show at Beals and Abbate Fine Art. It was their last show and both owners decided to follow different endeavors. Fortunately all is on good terms and I will continue to work with Bobby Beals. His new company and website is Beals and Co. I'm excited about the new venture.

Coming up this month I have a piece in a group show with Thinkspace Gallery for Wild at Heart II which is part of the Beyond Eden show. If you're in the LA area Oct 12th & 13th check it out!

Please check in every now and then for more news.